Introduction to Poseidon Pharos GMDSS Simulator System

The Poseidon GMDSS Simulator has been the market leading networked simulator for GMDSS training since the introduction in 1992.

In the new Poseidon Pharos GMDSS simulator we have combined our long experience and knowledge from the old DOS-based system with cutting edge technology.


The simulator has the following certification:

Search and Rescue (SAR) Training

The Poseidon Pharos GMDSS simulator is especially suitable for SAR training. It has a Coast Radio and Rescue Coordination Centre module, built in chart module, radar simulator that detects SART signals and a manoeuvre module for changing course and speed in order to assist the ship in distress.

Advanced Instructor Features

The instructor station is extremly flexible and the simulator allows for advanced control, supervision and debriefing:

  • Multiple sessions/parallel execises
  • Malfunction control
  • Assignment of multiple VHF's
  • Student intercom system
  • Coast Radio simulation
  • Ship station simulation (Traffic Ship)
  • Advanced exercise logging
  • RCC simulation
  • Voice debriefing module
  • Assessment module (option)
  • Ship database
  • Coast Radio database
  • Easy chart overview
  • Multiple instructor stations

Smooth Coast Radio (CRS) and Rescue Coordination Station (RCC) Emulation

The instructor(s) can operate as any Coast Radio Station (CRS) around the world. Available equipment at the CRS's is according to List of Coast Stations. The instructor can easily switch between CRS's that receives incoming messages/calls and act accordingly. The instructor can also act as (M)RCC in a dedicated RCC view

Front Edge Technology

The simulator is developed using the latest network and multiplatform technology:

  • Voice over IP (VoIP)

  • Windows or Linux OS
  • Windows GUI
  • Open GL graphics
  • TCPIP network protocol
  • Touch screen operation

6222 touch

See further details about the ROC Simulator and the GOC Simulator

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