General Operators Certificate (GOC)

Student User Interface/Equipment

 VHF  Sailor6222 300px
MFHF BatteryIndicator
 VHF1 DSC VHF2 DSC  MF/HF DSC and Radio Telex Battery Panel
VHFportable        VHFAIR Radar  Navtex
VHF portable and AIR Radar and Ship Controls Navtex
SATC2 SATB2  EPIRB SART AisSart-300 fleet77
 Inmarsat C Inmarsat B EPIRB, SART and AIS SART Fleet 77
laptop email client chart-stud   alarmpanel  intercom
 Fleet 77 Email Client Electronic Chart System  Alarm Panel Intercom/text msg 


Mini representation of all instruments visible at all times, showing their tuning status. Click to bring instrument in focus.

Instructor User Interface

(All pictures below can be opened i large view)

screenshot-instructor-startup screenshot-instructor-chart screenshot-instructor-crs
Start Screen with exercise preparation Chart view ships and land stations CRS view with VHF and MF/HF control
 screenshot-instructor-rcc  screenshot-instructor-msi  Instructor ship 6000 300
RCC view with Inmarsat controls Maritime Safety Information - EGC and Navtex Target Ship instruments
screenshot-instructor-intercom Instructor manual 300   
Intercom  - internal msg system  Online Instructor Manual