HW Integrations

When running training courses according to the ROC or GOC curriculum a standard PC-lab installation is often the most effective, both with regards to pedagogics and cost. 

In order to increase the feeling of reality Poseidon has integrated real brand radio eqipment with the simulator software. These are used inGMDSS labs and in integrated Bridge Simulator installations where the aim is to make the training very realistic.


Cubicle station with MF/HF and AC/DC panel


Cubicle station with VHF and Alarm panel


GMDSS A4 console with touch screen monitor


Bridge Integrations

If connected to a navigation/bridge simulator installation there are several levels of integration:

  • Separate operation - Bridge and GMDSS simulators are operating indivudually and instructors must create two separate scenarios
  • NMEA integration - Bridge instructor station supply posistion and ship data information to the GMDSS exercises.
  • Full integration - Bridge instructor station has exercise contol and data is transferred internally enabling i.e. SART sinals on the bridge radar and integrated debriefing.
GMDSS A4 console with touch screen monitor