Introduction to Poseidon Borealis Navigation Simulator System

Poseidon was the first manufacturer to develop and distibute a PC-based simulator for radar navigation training when the PC's became commercially available in the early nineties. Before this all training was carried out on real ship equipment and using PC-technology was a brakthrough both with regards to pedagogics and cost efficiency.

The Poseidon Borealis Navigation Simulator system has been developed through many stages and both smaller desk-top solutions and full bridge set-ups are installed throughout the world.

Simulator Configurations According to Your Needs

A training system for navigators can consist of various simulator modules, depending on the specific training objective, the trainees level of competence and the number of trainees that shall attend the trainng course.

There are obvious differences on ratings training at a maritime school and training of experienced proffesionals. Therefore our customers can choose the modules needed according to their curriculum and to either have a general system or various degrees of customization.

In cooperation with VSTEP, Netherlands, we can supply the Nautis Full Mission Simulator system, delivered as DNV Class A or Class B and special task simulators.

Below you will find a table showing some possible simulator configurations.

 gravdal ecdis05-800

Simulator Configurations

Simulator Radar ECDIS Conning Visual GMDSS Desktop Bridge Custom1
Borealis Navigation S - Radar/ARPA ok         ok    
Borealis Navigation M - ECDIS ok ok ok   ok    
Borealis Navigation L - SAR ok ok ok ok ok    
Borealis Bridge ok ok ok ok ok   ok ok
Nautis Bridge class A/B  ok ok  ok ok ok    ok ok
Nautis Tug ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

1) Can include custom made saling areas/ports/rivers, mathematical ship models and various ship handling and navigation equipment.

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