Incident Command

Introduction to VSTEP RescueSim

Poseidon is partner with VSTEP, Netherlands, who have developed a comprehensive simulator for incident command training in variety of environments. 


The simulator comes with incident scenarios and functionality in the following industry modules. (See linked YouTube videos to some of the modules)

rescue1   rescue2
 rescue3  rescue4
 rescue5  rescue6

Realistic Training

  • More than 150 different exercise locations
  • High level of visual realism to enhance immersive experience
  • Realistic 3D training environments, company specific or generic
  • Accessible buildings, structures and ships
  • Dynamic damage visualization

Adaptable to Command Level

  • Strategic
    • Emergency Operation Centers
      Municipal crisis teams

  • Tactical
    • On-scene commanders
      First response coordinators

  • Operational
    • Emergency response units
    • First responders

Enhancing Practical Training

Users experience realistic incidents and can try different response strategies. Instructors can easily build any incident scenario using the intuitive toolbox and have full control over events during the exercise. With the toolbox, the instructor can influence the exercise at any time by changing elements such as fire, explosions, smoke, gas clouds, liquid spills, weather conditions, availability of equipment, complexity of the incident, etc. This makes every module dynamic and realistic. A detailed log of all actions allows evaluation and assessment after the exercise.

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