Utilizes New Technology in GMDSS Training

Bergen Maritime College was one of the first Poseidon customers to make use of touch-screen technology on their Pharos GMDSS Simulator. Now they have moved a step further with the installation of interactive whitboards in the GMDSS lab.

Bergen Maritime-1


The installation consists of a GMDSS lab with 8 student stations with all-in-one touch PC’s . This PC/monitor solution saves space and gives an elegant impression in the lab.

The Pharos GMDSS Simulator software operates under Linux OS (PharosLinux), offering high stability and a “tamper proof” network environment.

The latest step forward in the GMDSS lab is installation of two interactive whiteboards where the instructor can display both the chart view and GMDSS instruments. The instructor can both operate the simulator from the whiteboard screen and make notes which also can be stored and handed out to the students.

All in all Bergen Maritime College has put a lot of effort into making the most out of the pedagogical potential that new technology offers, to the best for their GMDSS students.