Poseidon at EDINNA Inland Waterways Conference in Antwerpen

IW1Poseidon was invited to present our Inland Waterways Simulator for the authorities, press and members of EDINNA during the conference that took place in the port of Antwerpen the 13th of June.

During the meeting, the need for including simulators as a complementary part of training in inland navigation was emphasized.

As Poseidon already has devolped an Inland Waterways Simulator for our valued client Berechja College in URK, the Netherlands, the EDINNA-members was interested in learning from our experiences as a supplier of simulators, thus being able to proceed to the next level of the project.

Poseidon was glad to share our experiences, and look forward to the continuation of this project, as we also recognise the need of including simulators to inland navigaton training.