Commissioning of Poseidon Bridge Simulator at STIMar “AMI” Jakarta

Thursday 30th of January was the official handover of the Poseidon Bridge Simulator installation at STIMar “AMI” Jakarta. The ceremony concluded the installation of two full bridge simulator stations and the training of the schools simulator instructors.

Above pictures are from one of the two bridges and the advanced instructor station for preparation, execution and debriefing of exercises.


An important part of the simulator delivery is training of instructors. The STIMar “AMI” personnel received their well earned diplomas during the ceremony.


Together with Chairman Evira Tri Noverni, Principal Capt Lapian was presented a half-model of the famous polar vessel Gjøa, a Gaff-rigged sloop, commanded by Roald Amundsen on his Northwest Passage expedition. This token of appreciation was presented by Poseidon Simulation Chairman, Bjarne Pedersen.