Introduction to VSTEP Tug Simulators

Poseidon is partner with VSTEP, Netherlands, who have developed the Nautis Tug Simulator System, delivered as Desktop Trainer or Full Mission Bridge Simulator. (See linked YouTube videos to picture below)

Tug 1  Tug 2

The NAUTIS Tug Simulators allow captains to experience and train the handling of tugs with different propulsion systems during tug operations. Various types of tugs are available with different kinds of propulsion systems, ranging from conventional shaft propellers to ASD and tractor tugs.

Simulator features

  • Library of different size tugs with different propulsion systems, fully configurable by the instructor
  • Ship dynamics model based on forces, with 6 degrees of freedom motion
  • Realistic tug-ship interaction forces at the bow and stern of cargo vessels, taking into account both hull
  • and propulsion interaction
  • Interaction forces adjustable by the instructor/ship dynamics engineer
  • Advanced rope dynamics system, including line elasticity and snap force. Towing line parameters
  • adjustable by the instructor
  • Realistic tug friction characteristics when pushing ships
  • Realistic direct and indirect towing characteristics
  • Instructor can control towed vessels and multiple tugs, for complex towing operations (e.g. vector tugs)
  • Portable tug control console with azimuth controls or conventional propulsion controls
  • Scalable from multi-screen, portable desktop trainer to 360° fixed simulator set-up
  • Option to show all forces as vectors, to maximize the learning effect
  • Option to perform exercises with or without instructor control
  • Azimuth transverse arrest forces, when thrusters are turned sideways
  • Bollard pull visible for instructor
  • Instructor control over towing, mooring and anchor winches
  • Switch for forward-looking or reverse looking, with corresponding switch of controls