Poseidon Simulation supplies maritime related educational and operational competence through products, services and local joint ventures to customers and partners worldwide. 

We are a DNV GL 9001:2015 certified company.

Below follows a few highlights of our long history in the Maritime education business.

Poseidon celebrates 30 years of existence

After 30 years in the maritime training industry we are still going strong, building upon many years of experience.

October 3, 2018

2017: Integrated GMDSS + NavSim

The release of Pharos 7.9  and Borealis 6.11 included support for integrating the simulators. This will allow enhanced SAR practice with combined GMDSS and Radar exercises. Pharos 7.9 also included Sailor 6222 VHF in both SW and HW.


2011: Pharos supports automatic assessment

This was the release of Pharos versjon 7.3, and also included the AIS-SART instrument.

November 2011

2005: Release of Borealis version 6.4 "AIS"

This version of Borealis included AIS support.

July 2005

2004: Release of Borealis version 6.2 "Fishing Simulator"

This version supported integration with the Simutech Fishing Simulator.

December 2004

2004: Release of Borealis version 6.1 "Rørvik"

  • Support for hardware radars
  • The new engine console, PEC
  • More hardware
  • Norways first approved fastcraft simulator

October 2004

2004: Release of Borealis version 6.0 "Borga"

  • New PEM with real ECDIS
  • New IP based network
  • All programs on Windows XP
  • New PVC
  • New visuals

April 2004

2000: Poseidon Asia Inc was established in Manila, Philippines

Poseidon Asia Inc was established as a successor to our Branch Office from '93


1999: Establishing a business park in Lofoten, Norway

Poseidon undertook to establish a new and larger Business Park at Leknes in order to expand the local competence-based business environment; Lofoten Næringshage was bought and eventually realised together with public entities and governmental agency SIVA in particular.


1995: Establishing a training center in Indonesia

PT Sinar Poseidon Gupita, a maritime safety center, was established as a J/V with our dealer at one of the lakes on the grounds of University of Indonesia in Jakarta.  Financial support came from German DEG.


1995: Release of a new Radar Simulator

A new and more detailed Radar Simulator was implemented based on a separate development project in anticipation of PC's with higher computing capacity. The new radar included ARPA as well as a host of more detailed filtering techniques. 


1994: First Visual for Poseidon Navigation Simulator

First visual view supplementing the PNS/PAS navigation simulator range and based on projectors


1993: Launching Poseidon GMDSS Simulator

  • We launched an innovative PC-based GMDSS simulator, meeting all necessary training requirements for both radio- and satellite training for GOC and ROC certificates. The simulator included an audio multiplexer unit. Basically a "digital telephone switch" which allowed the instructor to create atmospheric noise etc and other challenges for the students for very realistic training. It allowed advanced training of various radio frequencies at will for the competent instructor depending on the ships' global location, time of year and time of day.
  • Poseidon Simulation AS established a branch office in Manila at Fort Bonifacio for support of local customers
  • Poseidon Simulation AS established its first close dealership in Jakarta, Indonesia with PT Sinar Gupita


1992: New name, new Radar Simulator

  • The Company changed its name to English: Poseidon Simulation AS
  • The first PC-based ARPA radar simulator was launched


1990: First installation in the Philippines

  • We installed the world's first PC-based and networked Radar navigation simulator at John B Lacson Colleges Foundation in Iloilo, Philippines. The simulator included supporting navigational instruments like Loran-C, Decca and RDF to constitute a full navigational suite


1988: The company was founded

On October 3rd Poseidon Simulerings Systemer AS was founded at Gravdal, Lofoten Islands, Norway

October 3, 1988