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Poseidon Simulation AS

Pharos GMDSS Simulator

The Poseidon GMDSS Simulator has been the market leading networked simulator for GMDSS training since its introduction in 1992, and has been continuously improved and adapted to the needs of the GMDSS market.

Market leadig networked simulator for GMDSS training.

We have designed a total training solution for GMDSS certification, which is effective in providing trainees with the essential knowledge to achieve certification, in addition to gaining the necessary skills to handle procedures and equipment correctly in a distress situation.

Now with Iridium LT-3100S

GMDSS Simulator Iridium Lars Thrane


• SOLAR GMDSS Approved in Sea Areas A1-A4
• 100% Global Distress Coverage
• Distress Alert & Distress Call
• Safety Calling & Safety Messaging
• Maritime Safety Information (MSI) and Coastal Warning Services
• Support for Bridge Alert Management (BAM)
• Ship to ship routine calling

Advanced Instructor Features

The instructor station is designed to be flexible, allowing for advanced control, supervision and debriefing:

• Multiple sessions/paralell exercises
• Malfunction control
• Assignment of multiple VHF’s
• Student intercom system
• Ship station simuation (Traffic Ship)
• Advanced exercise logging
• RCC simulation
• Voice debriefing module
• Assessment module (optional)
• Ship database
• Coast radio database
• Easy chart overview
• Multiple instructor stations

GMDSS Simulator Pharos Iridium
GMDSS Simulator Pharos Iridium

GMDSS Simulation

Pharos GMDSS Simulator can be configured for GOC (General Operators Certificate) and ROC (Restricted Operators Certificate). In, addition, Pharos can accommodate training for SRC and LRC certificates where that is applicable according to STCW-F. 

The simulator is especially applicable to SAR training, and the instructor can act as an RCC in a dedicated panel.

The instructor can operate as any Coast Radio Sation (CRS) around the world. Available equipment at the CRS is according to List of Coast Stations. The instructor can easily switch to the CRS that recieves incoming messages/calls and act accordingly.

✓ Coast Radio Station (CRS) controls
✓ Rescure Coordination Centre (RCC) controls
✓ Chart module
✓ Radar simulation with SART reflection

Pharos simulator has the capability to perform advanced SAR training. Moreover, the simulator stations can be individually configures and be allocated several different functions including the RCC (Rescue Co-ordination Centre).